New Beginning!

January 1, 2019

Our vision is to create an inclusive International Shiatsu Family and pass this “Power of Touch” on to the next generation.

Our world needs shiatsu more than ever. We come together to honor all shiatsu teachers, practitioners, students and clients and to continue to inspire each other. Shiatsu helps us in so many ways, mentally, emotionally, physically, materially and spiritually.

We want to expand our Shiatsu Community and build networks. We envision gatherings happening all over the world to inspire, cultivate oneness, bring balance, strengthen faith, and spread this healing art throughout the world.

The Spirit of Shiatsu connects us wherever we are!

Let us hear from you!

PLEASE JOIN US in the launching of this new beginning by joining & sharing our Facebook Global Shiatsu Community For All. https://www.facebook.com/groups/359891590728435/

OR contact us through our website.

In love and health,

Kumiko, Nini, and Wendy

Kumiko Kanayama  www.fivelightscenter.com

Email: kumikokanayama@gmail.com Cell/text: 917-721-0823

Wendy S. Bolognesi  former Ohashiatsu® Instructor, ABT, LMT, Shiatsu Educator

Email: wendyb413@gmail.com Cell/text: 413-695-0014

Nini Melvin, former Senior Ohashiatsu® Instructor

Director of Meridians ~ Pathways to the Heart

Email: ninimelvin@gmail.com Cell/text: 978-413-3141